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  1. i like kaiser chiefs,dungen,ayeron,coral,burial,velvet revolver,shinedown,mistery jets,last shadow puppets,buzzcocks,under tunes,siouxie,a perfect circle,muse.......I can´t remember
  2. yeah! I also like Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Foo Fighters and more that I can't remember! And you?
  3. Yo 19,casi 20,jajaja ......Do you like other bands?
  4. yo tengo 18 años! e tu?
  5. Hola Maria,my mame is Paola,no problem,how old are you?
  6. Sorry, I just wanna know new people!
  7. I'm Maria and I'm from Portugal
  8. Who are you? contry is México(México City)
  9. Hey there! Where are you from?
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