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  1. You know me... I'm never down, I'm just a little bit confused... That's all... I'll be fine soon...
  2. Don't be so down about it! You'll be fine.
  3. Thanks... I'm gonna need it...
  4. Ohhh, okay. Nursing is a noble course, but not everyone likes it, for sure. Good luck deciding!
  5. Nursing... But, I'm thinking to change for another one... But I don't know yet...
  6. Awwww, you poor thing! I'm sure it will get better at some point. What course are you taking now?
  7. I'm studying in another city... Actually, I hate this city...

    Well, don't worry, it's being such a boring day for me...:s
  8. Woooow, where are you then? I'm doing pretty well, I think. Just another boring day, really.
  9. Hey Randy!!! What's up?

    Unfortunately, I'm not in my city But there, things are going fine... I hope...

    How about yourself?
  10. Mariaaaaaa. How's it going in Oporto?
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