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  1. hi...have you seen the Lightning Rod video from Oxygene already ? its in 100 quality great...
  2. dont you have anything to trade? this guy has a complete show from France
  3. yes it is a original quality,not converted.....yes Im gonna upload the rest...
  4. good video shot, man, it's cool.. but is the original quality or it's converted?, upload the rest please (:
  5. ho cool, i will download it now and tell you when finish it (:
  6. all right, send me the link when the uploading be finished pls (: thank you dexterone! you're awesome (:
  7. heres HIT THAT pls check it and say if its ok
  8. Im uploading one song....I give you link,when it will be finished,download it pls and say if its ok.....then I will upload the other and I will throw it on boards
  9. that's awesome, you could upload on the original recording quality?, and then if you can help me with the videos of the youtube user, it will be very appreciated (:

    the brixton recording is the whole show, only missed the last song because the battery was out, but anyway it's awesome! there is million miles away included! (: good tape
  10. and btw....if you wanted,I could upload some videos from girl,that is not on this board recorded 12 songs,10 are full,quality is almost full....
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