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  1. On my facebook only friend I have is -L- (if I'm not wrong) and I can vote... I dont use a lot of facebook... For me is a complicated web site
  2. is it needed to ,,invite friends for this how,, ? because it is still not running
  3. try cleaner coockies and try again.
  4. Yes,I did the same.........but I think,it hasnt been successful,because for example holland25 has on his own wall result,what he chose,but on my wall is nothing.......
  5. hi.

    You have a list with the name of the songs by album. You select the songs you want and press "PickRsong" button. I do that and I vote... Appear some error or simple do done nothing?
  6. hi...could you pls explain to me,how to choose some song in PickRsong Facebook aplication ?? because I voted,but it has done nothing thx
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