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  1. lol King of the Hill is on almost every day where I am.
    Last night was the episode where Luanne and Bill start working at Hottiez and get the 2nd chair and Bill acts gay then falls apart when that woman starts "flirting" with him xD

    One of my favourite episodes has to be when Hank gets the semi truck and has to be at his moms at a certain time... Its a bit of a christmassy episode. My favourite part is when they are playing Duck, Duck, Goose while in the cab and Hank gets tagged and Bill (I believe) goes "Go get him Hank!"
    lol good times.

    I have all the DVDs of Beavis and Butthead. I wish that Mike Judge would go back to doing episodes of them! That show is such a classic!
  2. You've got a pretty good memory: the episode is called "Ho Yeah!"
    Isnt that from the episode where he ends up sticking up for that girl who is working as a prostitute?
    I don't remember the name of the episode, but I'm positive that Hank bought the hat so he could pretend to be a pimp!
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