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  1. Hehehe, thank you! Since I'm off today, the universe is in order. It's morning How are ya? I take it you're just about ready to get off?
  2. Good morning/evening/night to you!!!
  3. It's a relatively new feature. Anyway, thanks! It's great fun...when it's active.
  4. Social Groups? I know nothing about them. But I joined anyway.
  5. Alright! Well, glad you made it through that fine. Sooo, what's your stance on social groups? You'd be a welcome member in this one. Officially, it's a group dedicated to my music. Unofficially, it's just another place to bullshit around I would have sent an invite, but strangely...I'm not the creator of the group.
  6. I *was* completely devastated, but since then I have come to realize that I seriously dodged a bullet there. So, the appropriate sentiment would be "Congratulations!!!"
  7. I must say, since you posted that, I've been imagining actual seniors in there trying to play bingo while the concert was going on. If that's not the way it happened, I think I'd rather not know...And, uhh, that sounds like quite the story. Sorry to hear that/congratulations. Pick one
  8. LOL! YES! The Crown Bingo Hall... lmao, good times, good times. It's a long story how I got to this board... the short version is - I got dumped, and now I have spare time for things such as this. HA!
  9. Awesome-awesome. Glad you'll get to partake of such punky goodness. This will be my first rock concert ever. So is the tour what brought you around these parts? Oh, and I just realized that you were the one who say them at a bingo hall. Still jealous.
  10. I AM!!! I'll be heading up to Kansas City on May 22nd to see them. I'm so freakin' excited about it, can't even tell you... seriously.
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