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  1. Hi how r u??.....
  2. i dont know if i like resident evil. haha. i havent played any of them. any seen only a trailer for the movie. i want to play the new one though.
  3. Yeah. Xmen. i like it. hehehe
  4. Hola Steve-o,how are u?.......watchmen,mmmm.....great option...& do you like x-men?
  5. i havent listened to arcade fire. but i have heard of them. and yes, i do like comics. like the watchmen. that is good stuff. hehehe. and spiderman,
  6. Hola Steven-o,┐how r you? you like comics?..
  7. Hi Steven-o..great song.......tell me you like arcade fire? a great band indie........
  8. you heard kooks song "i want you bak" that is currently my favorite
  9. I wonder ...
  10. Yes, still listening, I hope your new material soon ?????
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