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  1. I'm a sucker for Dex's Dimples.
  2. .Dexter Holland's Dimples.
  3. Yup, can't argue about the hair lol. I'm a sucker for cute blond spikes Wow you're totallyyyy right about the weatherrrr....crazy! Are you in OC? I hung out in HB for the first time over the was funnnn! Well, hope you see em this year if you're into concerts...I'm counting days =) Btw, interesting threads ya got there...

  4. What's uppppp Miss Cortez, ya I've seen em once...not good for a long-time fan! How about you? How do you like your man w/cute spikes again? hehe =)
  5. Unfortunately, no, I haven't meet the men but hopefully someday though. and yeah you may be new but its all good. have fun and enjoy the BBS!! Ever been to any of their shows?
  7. Ooooohh nice lol. Smart girl =) Well, I'm pretty new on here but it's cool. Ever met the MAN?
  8. Thank you. I do have GREAT taste in both MEN & WOMEN

    How are ya? I'm just fine and stuff! =^.^=
  9. Well, I think you have GREAT taste!
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