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  1. FYI, I do infact have this silly crush on the lead singer but a girl shall admire from afar.
  2. BTW, your absolutely beautiful and your pets are absolutely adorable. they're all cute.
  3. Your very welcome, GB. Not attending to any of those nice shows but about you though? Oh, really now, ya think so or know so lol am I? well, why thank you! I guess I am sometimes. You too are a sweet stuff muffin yourself. Mr.H is the SEX! ^V^
  4. Thank you Miss Cortez! You are a sweet lady : ) Ready to see em this year?? Mr. H is the man
  5. Hey, Very nice UserName. I love it! Welcome! I'm MAry. What's up? Hot sauce is so cool. Yay! Especially Dexter's. That Holland is a brilliant men!
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