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  1. Spirits. We got to a higher level of friendship
  2. my spirit shall always be with ya.

    just be happy and live life to the fullest.
  3. you're such a great soul.

    i don't know what else is there to say.
  4. Well it hurts. Hope weīre gonna stay in touch?!!!
  5. Sounds sad to me. Donīt wanna lose u completely. Tears in my eyes!!! For reals! Itīs been awesome to have a friendship with someone like U Iīm glad for everything U did for me n itīs so tough to say good bye now. U were really the only one here, who understood me n was like a true friend there. I still canīt........
  6. ps. thanx for dat interesting info good to know. um, i dont have much time to type other important stuff just take care of yourself and famz and stuffs. it was nice getting to know ya better. i guess is my farwell. i wont be on to post anymore its really lame but i have to start making my own life leaving the nest. i crave my creative freedom. xoxoxoxo
  7. as always as usual great story telling. nice ending. we should totally meet for sure and learn how to surf together and i hope your dream comes true because you might end up loving california. yea i don't have much to say in such little short ammount of my life time. yep i am really sad and depressed but smitten its weird but you know what lets just keep in touch. thank you for everything. you are the best. keep it real. you hella kick ass punx.
  8. Well tonsilitis is something like flu, but worse But Iīm fine. Wanna surf the waves too, but I canīt surf yet. Hope u teach me that?! N I donīt now whatīs mMm...ugh...ttyl.. My brain is little fucked up too. C U n surf with U soon
  9. Well my cousin lives right opposite to me, but we actually donīt c each other anymore. Same thing u have. We used to be with each for pretty much long time, but then I changed n he stayed with PC n stuff like that, but I simply wanted to live my life to the fullest n heīs not the type like that. My famz are all fine. Thanx god 4 that. N thank u for understanding my kinda PC n online prob U know I think about being somewhere else these days n anytime somebody asks me about where to go I say California, cause nice weather, lotz of punk-rock, ridez I love, sk8 n of course U so Iīm thinkin about leavin more n more, but not enough cash We will meet one day, I know that. Hope for Offspring gig together N about MJ. Maybe itīs cruel, but I donīt care. I never liked him never respected him, just not a fan of him. But truth is, that I didnīt wish him death.
  10. oh i'm so sorry to hear that but are you okay now..i still dont know what that is but i am willing to look it up because i welcome almost anything inside my brain cells..well you just take care of yourself you cut off your long hair...and styled it punkrock mohawk very nothings going on with me but when it does ill let ya knoe.......
    ah yea loving the sunny california such a beauty place to go hit the beaches and surf the waves..wanna come out and play with me someday.....mMm...ugH...ttyl..xoxo..maRy
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