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  1. hey..there..yeah..i so understand your explanation. thank you for clearing it all up to me.
    don't worry though its all good or gravy lol. i dont even own a pc nor a laptop..i am so using one of my older brothers one but i cannot stay on forever though lol only 13 hours.
    well, as long as we both stay connected and stuff. i still wanna meet ya and get to know ya and vice versa.

    so how is your family doing and yourself. youre really close to your cousins and friends huh. i wish somethimes i can be close as with mines but for some shady reason i just dont even know i actually exist in their lives or something. i am an outsider ya know an outcast. but whatevers.. anyways...enough aabout me..more about you...did ya hear about the deaths of MJ and some other lady..yeah man thats just life but we all shall go on looking forward eventhough lifes way too short.
  2. N about news? Well I had something like tonsilitis, so I couldnīt even work for more than a week, but Iīm finally fine n can post there n to U N I also cut my LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG hair n Iīve got a little mohawk on my damn head Whatīs new with U n your beautiful California homeland?!
  3. I miss ya too babe LOTZ!!! Was kinda gone for a couple of weeks n I knew itīs gonna let some missunderstood stuff there of me not being there, but Iīm back at least 4 now n Iīm sorry 4 that. But let me explain it right away. Yo gave me question, if I got pc n stuff some time ago n I forget 2 reply n the answer is simple. Iīm just not online. U know I never lied there to U or anybody else. Just nobody asked me about it before, so I didnīt have the duty to tell anyone. U know itīs easy to post from my cousin, best friend or some kinda relaxin place, but Iīm usually so busy that I just canīt make it n thatīs why I donīt show up for weeks or sometimez even month, but when thereīs enough time for me to spend with u there then I do Hope u understand my darlin( most fav. catz there)
  4. sup sup fo' .. i miss ya loads
  5. hey hey yea yea i know rite............well dat s all good then.........haha good times thou.

    so wat up wit chu Smashie Punkie boo....i miss ya loads....lets go surf teh waves koooool
  6. Hey Mary Was kidding with da Blah shit, but that doesnīt work for our badass punx ones. I miss-em like I miss U I know Uīre lame typist, but who isnīt?! Maybe I type fast, but I do brutal mistakes sometimez, cuz my fingersīre sometimez faster than my thinkinī
  7. i do sure miss our punx onez too(let the good times roll) but not my blah threads though.
  8. sorry for my typo's mistakes lolhahaha i am not the world's fastest typist lol hahahahaha
  9. hey, hey, my smashy punky boo!!!! i thought u owned a pc and stuff. but as long as u have free time u and ur friend to use a pc and just log in and stuff.

    yea like totally for sure i know what you mean and stuff. about making such life changing and getting the opportunity chance to have open doors for you anf your family to still life life and enjoy it while were still alive and stuff like that. yea someday u will even have to leave the nest to pursue a carreer and whatever it is that u wan t to accomplish ur goals and ambitions ETC......

    just be with your family and be there for em and vice versa and of course your friends as well and us too. dont worry dude you will success in life
    keep dat cute chin up of urs way high and stay focus and positive for all of ya hard working effort u put each day and everyday like day to day basis......

    be patient and just do u and hadle yo business with streesmarts/inttelignece and respect because i know that u r such a good human being and ull be so rewarded and happy and proud at what u do best. i seriously do meant each wisdom word that comes out from my adorable mouth. & vice versa.

    well, dat beind said *breaths* okay and alrighte take care my bad ass homie

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