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  1. hey hey

    i adore your cuteness and your pets are awesome. your pics of yourself their RAD!
  2. your welcome and but yeah they are huh
  3. Thanks ouuu nice flowers....up...
  4. *melts* your a great guy thank you very much. i'm so glad and happy to meet ya!!
  5. yeah you are great so happy i know you...
  6. that's fucking awesome yo. since 1998. wow very nice. and like totally they are (hands down)

    RAd!!! i 110% agreed indeed. same with me. they're not even boring nor lame just COOL.
  7. know i listen to the offspring only..since 1998...and for me the offspring is........the best band in the world...what about you?
  8. AMEN. (hands down)

    Listen to the offy's like totally literally (my guilty pleasure!) and you?

    Stay fly. & vice versa.

  9. Yeah they....were.....are....and....will fine too? How long do you listen to the offspring?
  10. Hey. Yeah, he sure is and noodles, grek k, & pete p they're all kings. =) well, i'm just fine. What's up with you? & stuff. =)
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