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  1. awwww...........................xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    damn i guess you know whats gonna go down.
    orale homito simon ese mi vato loco hehehehehe.
    once again grazie and take care bye bye darling.
  2. yeah!!!!!
    let´s drink and fuck,and drink and fuck!!
    ok,i must go,but i wish you the best,girl,you rule!!
    happy birthday and have a blast
  3. ay huey jajajajajajajjajajaja vivan los pinche firme borrachitos renato & maria xoxoxoxoxo
  4. jaja,yo estuve borracho en la mañana,fueron a tu salud!!
  5. si siento muy pedora jajajaja estoy drinking cervezas
  6. holo,hola,felicidades,niña!!
  7. hola..s que tal chico xD xD
  8. hi!!me too,i got expelled from school the very last day of the year
    oh,she´s nice,you should chat with her,you´ll like her :P
  9. hello, there hottie. whats cracking?

    im just chillen like a villian. nothings new. just old stuff.

    how about yous? XOXO damn hows that dulce female species?
  10. hi there,sexy!what´s up?
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