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  1. yeah, summer (hands down). but spring is so beautiful. hot weather=surfing the waves =) as well as summer too. =)
  2. I like spring time,but summer i like most of all!What time of year you prefer?
  3. Thank you very much. I'm originally from Los Angeles but I currently staying at Sylmar XD

    How are ya? Are you enjoying Spring time? Excited for summer time? I know I am! :] Bye.
  4. Thanks,I`m fine too.Cool Profile Picture .Where you from?
  5. That's awesome! Glad to hear. Thanks. I'm fine and yourself? Nice stuff you got there =)
  6. Yes,I`m new here,register just now.Thank`s,you seem cool too.=)How are you?
  7. Hey, thank you. Are you new here or what is your deal? You seem cool! Take care -MC
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