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  1. Merci Ó toi !
  2. Joyeux anniversaire! ┴ santÚ!
  3. I think no one will take offense or something, don't worry. Jacknife surely won't and hopefully mspunk won't either
  4. Ah, it seemed just the occasion lol. I hope he doesn't take this a real criticism of his post... I actually thought people would think it was mean towards mspunk... it was a little mean, and I kinda regret it actually...
  5. I think Jacknifes post was not that serious for you to write that much paragraphs....
  6. for Jacknife or Mspunk ?
  7. Haha... I passed the first level, you have to learn all the booby traps and stuff But I did not pass the second one yet
  8. Yeah me too ! I thought we were and then I didn't see the "+" next to your username. This way I can tell you how far I am with the fake mario game... I didn't pass the first level yet
  9. Lol, for some reason I thought we were friends already for quite some time. But we are now anyway, so thanks for the request!
  10. Haha, yes, I actually hate that one... It was funny at first, but when you stumble there by accident multiple times..
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