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  1. Of all times, I was damn close once to use that strategy (had it as a plan), but the date got cancelled.
  2. well, there's also the fact that you use weird songs about crap to seduce people...
  3. That's the only scary good thing about me though.
  4. You have a scary good memory
  5. Thanks again, yep, that's what I wanted! I usually don't care for such things, but I feel like I owe you a friend request at the very least .
  6. Also, you must be a very very fun guy to be around when you're drunk
  7. Do you mean the small poem ?

    Oiseau à la grise robe
    Dans l'enfer des villes
    A mon regard tu te dérobes
    Tu es vraiment le plus agile
  8. Awesome, thank you! I have watched the movie not so long ago and it kind of stuck on me since then. Last sunday me in a company of few guys I know had a drinking time with visiting a hookah bar afterwards. I sang Ciinemaaa, tried to reproduce the je chiais song, as well as the pigeon poetry. A lot. Also, I have tried to kill a guy with sudden shouting (he was the only one who watched the film). Others didn't get my behaviour at all. But I had much fun anyway.
    Thanks for the info about cocktail name as well. I might do the "petit gregory" game next time.
    ..saay, Could you write the pigeon lyrics as well? (here around 1:00) I need a good backup plan if the oldman's song surprisingly won't work. Very, very unlikely, but still possible. Or, you know, for French speaking ladies (and gentlemen) who aren't into shitting guys.
  9. je chiais la nuit, je chiais le jour, je chiais partout, je chiais toujours.

    If you manage to charm a lady with this... well... you can be sure she's not french Or she knows the movie.
  10. By the way, while the video is loading, let me explain one of the joke of that movie, eventhough I'm not sure you even watched it. About the cocktail that he calls the "Petit Gregory". It's in reference to a very famous criminal case from 1984. A little boy (4 yo) named Gregory was found, with his hands and feet tied in a trash bag in a river in the north of France. That joke was considered bad taste... because the person who did this has never been found. The family was blackmail before it happened and the case was never resolved. It's been reopened very recently because they can do DNA tests now, but they probably will be unconclusive.
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