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  1. Ah ah C'est arrivé près de chez vous ! I had no idea this movie was crossing the french and belgian boarders !

    I'm at work right now but I'll do this for you tonight

    (I sent you this earlier today, but I posted it on my profile... of course... Anyway, now I'm watching the vid.)
  2. Bonjour! Could you please write down the oldman's song from this vid (Not-quiteSFW) (it starts somewhere near 9 min mark) for me? Lyrics in French is what I need. So I can learn and use it to charm ladies (and gentlemen).
  3. Ah ah We'll see. But I didn't give my opinion yet
  4. Thanks ! I will 8-) And that's a cute bunny, it makes me hungry...
  5. Happy Birthday! Eat lots of lapins grande and grow up big and strong by next year!
  6. Oh, but you aren't annoying with your correcting. I love nitpicking when it's used to spice things up a bit, make em more fun, and most of all, making others think a bit more about stuff they post. I wish to be nitpicked and corrected more.
    Fun fact. I've searched a bit for threads where llamas helped others with spelling and so far I've found only my own posts of that kind. lolz.
  7. Ah ! I believe you, but I'm gonna be lenient on that for her... Because I do exactly the same. Not spelling errors because I am no english teacher, but I feel the need to correct when I read things that aren't legally accurate. Not that I really want to correct people... just that I love what I do and I want to transmit and teach... so maybe it's the same... And I guess it can be annoying but afterall, now that I've been corrected, I know how to say Lithuania
  8. Ha! Your last reply is totally something I'd say if I was in your place either.
    Admittedly, I can't come up with any quotes to prove my point, but she did that few times at least. We've even had some serious debates in one thread about spelling and grammar. Hm...
  9. Also, when I think of it, I never saw llamas correcting anyone... I remember only Duskygrin doing that...
  10. Oh ! But I didn't imply anything by saying that. Just that she never corrected me and it's weird when you think of it.
    I guess misunderstandings are a common thing on the internet... on international message boards, I notice that it is even worse considering english is not a first language for a lot of people and there is a lot of culture differences about irony and sarcasm...
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