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  1. Oh I'm glad to be so lucid to you. Feel free to demand explanation from me whenever you want one!
    Okay, you've made a pun of mspunk, I've pun'd llamas. Then you're saying that you've never had llamas correcting you, when it wasn't really relevant because I wasn't trying to imply that.
    So... I'm responding with my own irrelevant-in-the-same-manner post.*

    *Which is a quite relevant move.
  2. Then I didn't get your last post... actually, when I think of it, usually your posts confuse me
  3. And I was referring to llamas being known for correcting others.
  4. Not to Jacknife, but I was referring to Mspunk reactions in the Happy passeover thread.
  5. lol ! I think that is the most personnalized birthday wishes I received today... Thanks !
  6. Happy official and copyright protected birthday, quinn!
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