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  1. Haha :P ok well done the eiffel tower, arc de triumphe, notre dame, champs elysee, sacre coure, montmartre, mmmm probably a bit more cant quite remember everything!
  2. lol, I answered on my profile... after 2 years on the BBS, you could imagine that I would stop doing that... anyway, I was telling you "Of course ! please tell me what you already did and I'd be happy to tell you new things to do "
  3. hey just wondering do you have any suggestions on things to do in Paris? Like less popular things. I've been twice before so have been to all the touristy places, and just looking for some places more off the beaten track?
  4. heya, I was in Sete for 10 days. Visited Montpellier too
  5. Hey ! Where were you ?
  6. Happy birthday =)
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