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  1. Is that your own band or something?
  2. here, Thursday, friday and Saturdays are party nights (summer and winter you can see drunk people). In summer come here local tourists.
    What do you do? you're in college?
  3. i straighten it. i dont usually smile like that. thanks for carrin bout. the cold gets old fast. i love the summer. pools surfin sports picnics watchin drunk people at 4 july parties
  4. i'm fine now, but i hate the summer! (so, i'm not very happy on this station) it to hot here!
    i see that USA become a freezer! Florida with ice! i want be there!
    a Plastic smile? you have the same smile than a friend (vicky). your hair look diferent now? do you do something to your hair?
  5. okay... whats up
  6. just all our conversation was "i like the pic of your signature pic". but i readed your thread, and i worry for you... how you can see, my name is ernesto. (add something stupid). Lol... I guess, that answers we can find in own friends. not in a cup of words or phrases, on the contrary, with their friendship, with pranks, with drinks, with discos, or then you do with they. Anyway, if you want a fucking argentinian friend you can find one in me!
  7. hi... i didnt remember you for a second there sorry *embarassed*
  8. hi Cassidy! how are you now?
  9. thanks! i did it last year!
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