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  1. Hey dude. What's up?
  2. Well, still your sort of back... you gotta come more off. It'll be all nostalgic and stuff... like old times.
  3. no not really, just visited a place after some time
  4. I see you've come back...
  5. You still haven't accepted my request
  6. my surgery prcedure thing is post poned... i just wanna get it over with.... ya ever gonna accept the friend request?
  7. Awesome avatar! I met a dude last night who loves punk about as much as I do. I'm probably gonna hang out with him some more... he comes down every weekend... he's 30 years-old...
  8. i sent u a friend request on here btw!
  9. the computer is really starting to piss me off... on here i cant view my inbox or sent messages and on facebook it disabled my account and it wont let me add u as a friend on my new one!
  10. btw i really like ur avatar... the old logo is better the new one looks evil... besides that is the logo that worcester uses... but i didnt watch hockey this year but they are one of my fav teams... and the red wings... (bruins i am forced to like... its the hometeam!)

    i used to go to games... i might start going again now that my dad takes me places... i just saw the red sox play and im going to see monday night raw(wrestling)
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