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  1. I'm great dude. Thanks. How are you? It really is like old times. I've been here a lot more now. Can't wait for the album... 4 years in between... long wait haha
  2. hey, how are you? long time with no posting, now back to the old times haha, can't wait for the new album ! how you doing?
  3. Hey, long time, no see!
  4. Will you send me a pic of you or at least tell me a little about yourself?
  5. Go to my bud's profile and check us out in her album. I am Cassidy, she is Catelyne Nichelle!
  6. Befriend this chic!
    She has been my bestfriend for 3 years and she joined tonight
  7. Hello! Did you accept my friend request?
  8. nehhhh!, never! haahha
  9. well you should be cause he is sexy
  10. no lol.......
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