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  1. I try to use just this forum and facebook because I've become addicted to my computer and I don't need to add to it! LOL I'll be checking my Twitter every three seconds. You should start using your facebook again. I'll tell you my name in a private message but I don't want the whole forum to know my last name
  2. Hey... I don't have a Twitter I tried to find you on FaceBook but I didn't find you anywhere.
  3. i just put on a few of my favs
  4. I'm trying to raise awareness. I got them from Autism Snags & Tags on facebook.
  5. Thanks! I have changed a lot in real life too... I have been trying really hard, here and in life!
  6. I've tried, since I've come back, to post only relevant things and not start 100 useless threads a day!
  7. But I do wonder, how was that my best post? LOL You really have me wondering now... There seriously was a person wearing a flip-flop on their hand!
  8. Oh... I knew "You'll Find A Way"... I didn't know it was the same song... but I also wasn't here for a while...
  9. I was a geek... I played Pokemon and traded cards HAHAHA! Is "It's All Good" a new song? I just saw the poll about it...
  10. What did you do today! I actually went skating and after falling numerous times we just sat on the boards and went down the hill! It was really funny and my trucks are lose and I don't have bearings so it would wobble out of control. I did the sickest wipeouts... it was fuckin' awesome dude!
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