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  1. heya. so how are you?
  2. Fencing... I can draw a bit though. Check my album to see some of my drawings!
  3. great at what?
  4. Oh yeah. I aint that great though!
  5. oh i didn't know that. i remembered you posted that stuff on a thread about highschool though
  6. Because I posted this in her profile:

    I am already really great at school but I want to do something that won't get me laughed at. I am not allowed to play sports. My parents say I am uncoordinated and I will get hurt and laughed at. Plus with my arthritis I can't do much. I was a fast runner but I had to quit because of my asthma. I was great at fencing but we don't have the money to sign up and buy gear
  7. i went to her profile yesterday to send a link to that motion typo thing with the song da hui. other than that no, why do you ask?
  8. Did you go to Rutegard's profile? Anyway I can't anymore!
  9. besides you run cross country, and fence thats cool
  10. you can't be extraordinary at everything though...
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