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  1. ummmm... hes married... lol... what bad things do you mean?
  2. I hate it when he does bad thing's cause I know he's better than that. But he is human. Do u know if he is dating anyone?
  3. i hate to hear bad things about him...
  4. That's good u see the good in Dex can be great when he wants to be, its one of the reasons I love him so much xxxooo. I hated hearing bad things
  5. the thread you made asking if they were douchebags... people were mean... and dex is amazing cause he is dexter
  6. What thread are you talking about? What did Dexter do
  7. What thread r u talking about. What did Dexter do?
  8. I have just seen the stuff in the thread. Dexter is fucking amazing!
  9. Dexter Holland is fucking hot
  10. Regardless of rumors I still love the band and still want to go on a date with Dex.
    what are poeple saying about me?
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