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  1. Hola!! are you doing ok??
  2. Hey sorry,ii hate my connection,is os bad,hey,you have a huge problem in your family,is not good,damnit!! thiz causes unhappiness,take care CAssy
  3. Just wondering!
  4. What!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a girl,why you say this???
  5. My brother's friend stared him down and he is petrified to come near me!
    I was wondering... are you a guy or girl?
  6. Hola nena,are you doing ok??? what happend with these psycopath guy??
  7. Hey is for you
  8. You should be take care Cassy,hes a psychopath,hes have in your brain only shit!!!! I know of this,ive see so many things about harassment, rape, gave envy...
  9. well i g2g and shower but i am mad that the fuckin creep wont leave me alone!
  10. Hey how R U?
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