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  1. Yeah, I know I was annoying. I stopped posting because I was either annoying or some shit.. lol... I pretty much only post now if I see something cool. I'm still on a lot though...
  2. nothing really. think upsome sarcastic comments. I remember used to be kinda annoying. Why don't you post anymore?
  3. Hello. What's new?
  4. Hello there ol chap
  5. How old are you? I just realized you joined after me... You don't post very much!
  6. I'm sorry! I'm not good at that! Did you know it isn't illegal to clone a single strand of DNA but you can not clone a person. I am currently working on cloning one strand of my own DNA.
  7. nice job captain obvious. on detecting sarcasm
  8. just follow my advice and dont bring your problems into the internet because nobody cares
    do what i tell you and you'll do fine
  9. this place is fun but some of the ppl arent too nice
  10. y did u think that was good advice its just true
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