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  1. i am not racist and he asked me like 15 questions first
  2. if you want people to like you behave like me(with out the sarcasm),
    AllIn All It's Not So Bad, or any of the nice members i mentioned
  3. and dont bother users so much with the "YOU DIDN'T ANSWER MY QUESTION"
    some users dont have time, others are pricks, and some dont wanna answer because of personal reasons
  4. if you want people to like you then dont be a prick, a troll flooding the forum with ramdom shit, stop annoying people, dont be racist, be nice, and help others when you can. nice members would be harleyquiiinn, rutegard, randman21, tijs, thomas, raptor88

    and dont let ninthz,rickycrack, and others put you down. aight?
  5. i need ur advice
    how do i get ppl to like me
  6. i dont care if u dont tell me but i think u worded that wrong
  7. i dont have too you know
  8. u didnt answer how old r u
  9. how old r u?
  10. im 14 but the advice is just from experience(not with sex but other stuff) and it hurts to be betrayed if you think you can trust someone and now i am very skeptical about things
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