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  1. Well howdy... Fancy meetin you here LOL! Whats up... long time no see
  2. howdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. huh.... well i was playin basketball and my friend was blocking me and he stepped on my ankle. then the other kid hit me in the back of the head with the ball and i fell face first into a trash can
  4. uhmmm... I'm a litle bit scared to find out what...

    tell meee!!
  5. Dude! The grossest, coolest thing just happened to me and it was actually quite painful! But it was awesome!
  6. Hi!!! I've been off for a long time!

    I just discovered psychobilly music…
    you should try listening if you haven't before
  7. hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Where the fuck did you get an Offspring Playset! I want one!
  9. hey!! (I'm ignoring you still, lol)

    I got mine pierced when I was 8!

    I was playing a bunch of guitars at the guitar store today!!!

    it was relaly fun!

    so, what else is up?
  10. way to ignore me!
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