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  1. I have noticed assholes who come here and talk about random shit and get banned in minutes... and then there is HAU...

    As far as the troll thing all I have on that is too apologize. A couple months ago I was looking through my old posts and I would have given myself shit too. 14 year old me makes (almost) 17 year old me feel like beating the shit out of myself...
  2. A definition of a bot can be a registered user which tries to come across as a normal user, but is in fact run by a script. So someone write a little program, clicks some buttons, and then thousands of forums get infiltraded by fake users, with the intention to advertise and just be generally freakin' annoying.
    I don't many actually think you were a bot. They thought you were a troll. A troll is in fact a real person, but has the intention to be... well, annoying. Here:
  3. So what exactly is a bot? Why did everyone think I was one in the beginning? How did you guys know I wasn't? It just confuses me how you would know those things over the internet like that...
  4. Nope, a moderator, see here:

    The problem is that the physical address of the forums changed, but it hasn't been changed in its settings. So the forum *thinks* it's somewhere else, so it's looking for a place to save you picture that doesn't exist.
    That's what I think is the reason, but I can't be sure since I can't check.
  5. I thought you were an admin. Why aren't they working harder and/or faster at fixing the glitches? I read the thread, but what exacty is the problem with the URL?
  6. Not us, we're just moderate the forums, not control its settings etc. Only the admins can do that.
  7. Who is the one that would fix that? Is it you guys? There is still the visitor message glitch too. I think they(you?) should have left it the way it was.
  8. Nope, as for now, there is not.
  9. So, is there a way to change my avatar??? Like by changing the URL or something...
  10. See i imagine i wouldnt sound too pleasant either... and i did that video about 20 times in the past few days which sucks because its a six minute video... i will practice singing higher sometime but i dont know how it will turn out
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