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  1. de nada.

  2. thanx!i donīt want her to speak english,sheīs readsome stuff about her here
  3. well, i guess whatever floats your boat or cup of tea. as long as your happy and stuff. xD

    teach that one girl some proper english. she speaks spanish though. renato you pimp dog
  4. lol,well,i really wanted to settle down with my lil girl and we even had decided our kidsī names and stuff,it was a very serious relationship,the rest of the girls iīve met are not that good or i donīt know,iīm just not interested on commiting with anyone,btw,the girl iīm talking about just registered here yesterday,sheīs on my friends list,she canīt really speak english so i can talk about her
  5. Yea, well im so devoted and not dat bitchy nor jealous or whatever. its a healthy realationship. no need to setle down with having lilttle offspringers but maybe later.

    Yep, sorry for it but is it hard for ya to be with someone serious or what? are you like a ladie's man or something?
  6. 13 years??damn,thatīs too much
    itīs ok,iīve been called a "shmuck",so "playa" is ok,is not that offensive
  7. okay okay.. wut u did dated a serious one? ive been with my pinche vato for 13+ years...

    dam, renato, ur lyke a playa. dat waz lame 2 say s000rrie 4 datz y00. me iz happiely takEn.
  8. lol,yeah,i have pics of one of them at my album,itīs ok,i wonīt miss them,i miss another one....
  9. Oh Noez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

    U naughtie boi. 2 gf's? sexxxxie
  10. me too,well,iīm still grounded for getting expelled from school,i also broke with my 2 girl friends ,that wasnīt bad at all,though
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