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  1. Hi Dany. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you much today. One of these days I will!
  2. Hiya! By the way, I see you got that "z/y" problem fixed, haha. How did you do it?

    The thing on my profile...notice the "O" before the "Bama". I put that up on the day of the American Presidential election and I've just been lazy to change it.
  3. heyy! Sry i havenīt answered till now, but the site was kinda messin around with me...
    nothin new here i can think of... Is there any meaning in the "bama" pic beside your name???
  4. Oh yeah, I definitely remember you! Glad you found me here. What's up?
  5. hey! Uīre Randy right? The one working at a newspaper, right? We chatted yesterday on xat, remember?
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