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  1. lol, he may have. I have a terrible memory, sometimes.

    I'm from oregon. Currently I'm studying to be a nurse, but I already do nursing care. When I get my certifications i'll be doing more or less the same job, but I'll make waaaaayyyy more money.
  2. Well, Randy did talk about me when he was explaining to you all about the "rape fest" going on in the fisticuffs group. lol. Anyway whatever. Where are you from? And what do you do? studies or something?
  3. He didn't even mention anything about a GF! But hey, lucky you, he seems cool ^^
  4. Hehe yeah I'll think about smacking him next time I see him! lol I guess it's shorter to just write gf, but yeah I'm his fiancée, although we didn't go in to the big fuss of proposals and stuff, we're just gonna get married when we can and then live happily ever after lol and make a few offspring on the way!
  5. What the...? Randy never mentioned a fiance... you're gonna have to smack that boy.... >.>

    Oh, and thanks for the add ^^
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