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  1. Almost 2. And she is easily the cutest thing ever... but maybe I'm biased xD
  2. You must be like a walking zombie then, huh?
    I didn't know you had a daughter. How old is she?
  3. partially because I need to be awake with my daughter, partially because I have to work, and partially because of personal issues keeping my mind working when it should be shutting down...

    also I'm waiting for someone... but it doesn't look like they'll show...
  4. 53 hours?!?! But.. but.... WHY?!?!
  5. Bwhahahahhahahahahahhahhahahahahahahah.... I've been awake for... *does some math*.... almost 53 hours!
    Somebody shoot me, and put me down, so I can finally sleep!
  6. Hey Josh. How's it going?
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