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  1. I noticed it because I was clicking around on your profile when we were chatting the other day. It never hurts to have something to talk about if a conversation goes flat with someone.
  2. Ha, my curiosity was how you happened upon the social group. I was hoping maybe someone invited you, but I wasn't sure. But yeah, we're not as nefarious as it may have seemed at first glance.
  3. ohhh... thats MUCH less ominous than it sounds xD
    I'm not sure how that abates your curiosity though...
  4. Hahaha, alright, let's abate each other's curiosity. Well, my gf is on the forums and she kept talking about "raping" me because my music was so good, or something like that. I guess the other members agreed, so somebody suggested a huge e-orgy, or "Rape Fest" if you will. Gah, that had to have been months ago, and it's still going. Haha.
  5. I'm still curious about the inside joke... but thats just my nature = /
  6. Hey, man. Just out of curiosity, how did you find the Fisticuffs group?
  7. That would be me ^^

    I'm actually there now too, but nobody else is... i'm so bored x_x
  8. Heeeey, so you are the guy from the chat thing this morning?
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