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  1. Hey jack lol
  2. meh they just yelled i couldnt really understand
  3. awk, what did mi mom n sister say ?
  4. i didnt delete it, but i dunno y it isnt there nymore
  5. why did yu delete all your about me?
  6. not at school cos mom sent me to albury for the week.she's a bitch
    um what happen? im relly sorry :/
  7. yeh ur sister n ur mom came to my house and yeh, y havnt u been at skool?
  8. oi we need to tlk. did my sister run into yu yesterday nd go off at ya or some shit1? i dunno but thts all i got told. if something did happen, tell me please and im sorry
  9. mm at home,
  10. mhe, just on th computer, where were u 2day?
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