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  1. looks like we aint going to any, that sucks dont you think?
  2. hello haha hey sharee!
    nah im not going to th melborne show. i have tix for sydney but i dnt know if i'll be going to it yet.
  3. Hi, are you going to Melbourne? Sharee says hi, lol
  4. 8, haha thats funny we both live in mt austin
  5. 20, how funny i live in Kooringal, what year are you guys in?
  6. Yeah we both go to kooringal high, in th same class 2 lol
    how old are you ?
  7. do you go to school here or some thing?
  8. yeah i noticed SMASHedTHEignition was from wagga,
  9. haha.. I asked him if he knew u and he said yeh I think he works at the cinema, so I asked lol
    He is rigistered here 2.. SMASHedTHEignition is his name
  10. what? no,
    what makes you say that?

    thats funny, does your friend think they have met me before?
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