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  1. whoa! 22
    thts funny cos in thos pix me n mi friens were ridin round in a shoppin trolly
    i wuda thought tht says im still a teenager 4 sure lol
    i often get ppl sayin i look alot older than what i am.
  2. i honestly thought you like a 22 year old by ur pics
  3. yeah. i turned fifteen a few days ago
  4. really? how old did yu think i was? haha
    i turn 15 nxt year, ru 15 this year?
  5. I thought you were older than that. You look alot older than that. When do you turn 15. I am older than you!
  6. i am 14....
  7. How old are you?
  8. yee beat it is pre cool 2
    well i gotta go now cos it's like 11:30 and my mum wants me to go to bed lol
    catcha x
  9. Thriller is the one I have. I like the songs Thriller and Beat It the most
  10. nice to meet you Cassidy
    cool, tho i dnt like taylor swift. at all. haha
    I havn't heard much of lex land tho, but i heard she's good!
    ahh yes mj, i like thriller alot heheh
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