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  1. hi, visit my post!
    i hope do you like it!
  2. yes next year. :P ok have a good one, man.
  3. we talk later! have nice day!
  4. you have the best year! i`m 22. do you are in college ?
  5. 19, you?.....
  6. yeah, how old are you?
  7. huh? are you asking how old I am? :P
    friends, alcohol, night? Good combo.
  8. i love go to mountain olny when i to see the World Rally Championship.
    (friends, alcohol, night, etc,etc)
    the boy scout life sucks!
  9. how years old?
  10. :P I guess. It must be warm enough to go camping, however.

    Camping is kick-ass.
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