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  1. Yea well idk if you read the forum topic but uh July 1st at summerfest. I'm gonna find a way to get there for sure!
  2. that's what i'm hoping, but if you read on 311's website it says only them and pepper are playing summerfest. i'm hoping that'll change, cause summerfest tix are waaaay cheaper than it would be seeing them in chicago.
  3. Hey Offspring is touring with 311 this summer (I'm sure you know) and 311 has been announced to play summerfest this year so offspring should be too hopefully!!!!!!
  4. That sucks. I didn't even think of bringing a camera or camcorder. But next time...
  5. haha, nope. that wasn't me. i only had my cell phone on me and got shitty pictures.
  6. So was that you that posted a few of the videos on YouTube?? They came from the left in like the front row... Man I wish I had managed to get up front. I'm 6'1 so I possibly would have been able to see, the stage seemed pretty high to me though...
  7. ohhhh, haha. i was all the way to the left on the barrier. but i couldn't see too well cause i'm only 5 foot tall..
  8. Uh I was on the left side right in the middle of about 10,000 people probably 40 or so rows from the front.
  9. haha, yeeeeah duuude! sorry it took so long to reply. but where were you standing at summerfest?
  10. You went to the offspring at summerfest? I didn't think anyone else at that concert posted on the forums, sweet!
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