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  1. if u want all their good covers n shit goto th last page of me comments n clik on holland 25s signature its all there
  2. woah daaaaaaaaaaaaaaam yikes u winz

    i wanna ownz sum of deir great covers..
  3. haha
    yeh i got 303 offspring songs

    haha sick as eh XD
  4. yea man cause dude they totally dope

    why do ya heve em at ur cumputer xD
  5. lol, dyu hav much musik on your computer of th offspring?
  6. i don't know too much but LOL

    any fave cover songs by em xD
  7. haha yeh, americanas probli their worst i rekn
  8. hellz to the yeahs and woahs LOL

    but ya know wat the others R decent as well
  9. awesome..

    yeh rf.rg is mad as
  10. good to know. xD xD xD xD

    smash. ignition. & rafrag.
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