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  1. how did you know that I have family who come from the Middle East?
  2. i am only 15
    i admit that my phrasing has been off. i'll try to improve that, i think that i was just writing too fast and didn't notice that anything was wrong! i will try to keep my cool in the future
  3. it's fine. just try to keep your cool in situations like these. talk it over & don't start verbal fights, because it won't bring you anywhere. & don't immediately assume the worst, because although to me it was funny the way you phrased your post, I'm not the kind of person that means any harm. I can't help it that your post gave me the giggles. your way of phrasing things just does & makes me think you're not for real & frankly, reminds me of someone that would definitely not be for real.
  4. i am sorry joy, i really am. i thought you wre making fun of me. i don't seem to react that well when I think that people are making fun of me. (on the internet at least). i apologize once again and i do so in the hope that you will accept my apology
  5. seriously... what did I ever do to you to deserve that? is that your way of solving a problem? because if you make a habit out of being so verbally aggressive, I see why no one around here interacts with you.
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