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  1. Yeah, pretty nice cover. Thanks for the link.

    i love it but no singing though. decent cover of gone away. i heart it dearly.
  3. california
  4. Where are you from btw?
  5. your welcome good, good. im sleepless and posting.
  6. Hi! I'm good, thank you! How are you?
  7. hi, how are ya today.
  8. okay, whatever floats your boat or a cup of tea. Summer rains sound romanticly sexxxxy.

    yeah, me is a little bit buzzed but yet still manages to type my crap in a proper manner.
  9. I like summer rains, but now it's rather cold, like 10C. I'd better sit at home. Without beers unfortunately. =(
  10. dats good good to hear. your so lucky dat iz raining. well, im drinking beers and stuff
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