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  1. wow!
    that was grr8!
    muy bien!!!
    and donīt worry about it
    as long as u donīt type
    rude things
    itīs ok
    by the way thnks
    4 the beautiful thing U wrote
    u r so cute

    cuidate musho amiga
    nos vemos pronto!!!!!
  2. sorry but
    what's hella hawt
    woman young lady?

    I really don't know that much about english

    but U know somethin of spanish
  3. ok
    so u r from CA
    and howīs there???
    excuse me.........
    are man or woman???
  4. hey!
    thnks 4 invited
    me 2 be Ur friend

    I hope 2 c ya
    in conversations .........

    N where R u from???
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