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  1. lucky you good good

    well, keep up the great work! rock hard! tru punx XD

    its cool to hate school and my job lol j/k i don't know.

    here in cali hot as hell but in AZ its way more hotter.
  2. We have like 6 month a year with snow

    I just study (The difference in norwegian and english) Ehm, last year junior high I think it is :P You? Thanks
  3. snow sounds like fun. but unfortunately, haven't experienced it though. i so wish. =)

    so anyways, you study and work? your cats deir all beautifull. dat being said, take care.
  4. The snow is great too, don't forget!

    Sounds great The summer here is just... A little warmer, this summer we only had like 3 weeks of sun...
  5. sure, lets trade! i wanna experience the cold the rainy dayz and sruff. your welcome.

    yeah, i am a spring girl but summer is so sexy with em surf waves wanna hit the beaches
  6. Can we trade? I'm sick of rain, and soon the snow will come too...
    I'm more of a spring person Thnx
  7. well, as long as you have a love for animals. I myself heart em all dearly. but dats just me.

    well, ii like rainy days deir my happy days. its always so sunny here in socal. good luck!!
  8. Actually I have 3 Dogs are awsome to, but I'm more of a cat person.
    Right now its raining and has done for like three weeks, I miss the sun lol. And its cold
  9. have a cat? that's awesome! i used to have like three cats but i only have a dog and birds. over here, is hella hot and sweating like a silly bore lol i hate summer blues
  10. Not much, chilling with the cat.
    There? :]
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