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  1. Renato, you should've said Maria who? LOL so, anyways, its all good. as long as were still buenos amigos etc....

    Como haz estado del chicas bellas del mexico...take care and muchas gracias.
  2. Renato, go to my EMO album and check out dat hottie out. lemme knoe if u knoe sex.

    she's my newest crush (Mexican Mami) and do u knoe herby any chance though. *sex*
  3. oh right,hey,itīs been a while,i was thinking that you were maria,but then i saw h25 talking to you nicely so i thought you were some one else
  4. hola. yes, renato its me lol.............hey google EMO CHILENA mmmmmmmm....
  5. oh,wait,youre maria cortez,right?
  6. hi,uh....could you refresh my mind?
  7. hola....como ya remember me....i do....and ur prolly don't wanna approach me
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