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  1. I need more pictures of Dexter!
  2. Personally, I thought the castration was the most disturbing, but the fact that she just took off after making him kill himself instead of cleaning up the evidence was pretty bad, too.
  3. the noose ending. why? cause i thought he was HAWT! but the chick was a bitch. erugh..
  4. What did you find the most disturbing?
  5. LOL, u very funny girl and ur so right we don't but as long as were having good times. =)

    check it my Dex album. i wanna make yet another dex album but with newer pics xoxoxo

    yea, i sure did like bits of it aka youtube but HARD CANDY i will buy it on dvd.
    cool movie though
  6. I just realized... neither of us have lives, that do not revolve around Dexter, of course.
    By the way, did you watch the movie Hard Candy last night?
  7. i don't know. i use photobucket not imageshack ask some one else.
  8. okkie dookie
  9. Is ImageShack free if you do not register?
  10. Delete all of your old PM's!
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