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  1. we also went on some haunted tours and my friend is convinced he saw a ghost....but dunno! And yes, tis be here
  2. are you on facebook btw? may i add you?
  3. haha yep it sure was, it was soo icey, could barely walk lol!
  4. yep, my course is only 3 years. ill prob do another course afterwards, but no idea what. I was in edinburgh in january, and it was absolutely fucking freezing. but lovely!
  5. cool, your final year? is it only 3 years u do or something? yeah i live on the west coast of scotand but have a flat there for when term starts. I think its a really nice city too, when did u go there?
  6. i'm studying english and geography. going into my final year now (eeeek). do you live far from edinburgh so? I was there before and loved it, cant wait to go back
  7. haha um its Architecture in edinburgh through the art college and university, they recently joined together to do the course. What do you do with yourself?
  8. what kinda course are you doing? and when you say college, is it college or university? The UK education system confuses me a lot haha
  9. aww thats a shame I'm doing my degree partly through an art college but am nowhere near as good at drawing as you lol.
  10. Well...I wanted to go to art college but wasn't allowed =( so now just do it as a hobby.
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