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  1. So is that dude Davo. The Bejko dude?!
  2. hehe, yeah, it's great
  3. I was thinking about something Matus said to me and I think he is right!
    I am just a stupid kid! Watch this kid!

    He is amazing. I have never done anything like that! My mom showed me and I said it was dumb because I was jealous. I suck!
  4. I have a take-home test for algebra 2. It was due a really long time ago, but I got sick and missed the lesson so the teacher gave me time to make it up. Now my report card doesn't say "Failing" like it would if I ignored the work, but it says "Incomplete" which simply means I was absent or had problems grasping the material.
  5. hi, nothing much.... I should lear for 3 tests, but I'm LAZY
  6. Hi! What's up?
  7. i sent u and a couple others invites...
  8. its not working. the window is open but there is nothing
  9. here

    I think I fixed it!
  10. hmmmmmm I don't know hehe
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