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  1. are you crazy? I look terrible in that pic. I was travelling all day and night, then slept 3 hours, then waiting for them all day, the day was HOT and when they finally arrived, I looked terrible. But nevermind, I gave Dexter a hug
  2. I downloaded over 100 pics on my dads cpu and he got soooo mad
  3. Hi! Will you send me a bigger pic of you and Dex. He is soooooo cute in the pics. Your cheeks are adorable. I wish I was as pretty as you!
  4. I'm on the Isle of Wight. It's beautiful, but boring.
  5. I'm great today! But yesterday was totally awful, I wanna go home. I'm in UK now, two more weeks. GOD if I could go home I would go right now! And how are you?
  6. yes, and mods left it there for more than one hour!
  7. hi, nothing much
  8. Hi! What's up?
  9. you are mrshollandova with a new name aren't you
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